List of Soil & Survey Projects

Sr. No. Name of the Project and location with CA.NO Nature of work involved in the contract Name of Client with full address & telephone No. of contact person Year of commencement Project Cost
(in Cr.)
1. CA NO: GE(P)/UDH-07/2013-14 ConsultancyServices for Constr ofSecurity wall around BN HQ of and unit at Shiv Nagar at Udhampur Soil testing, Constr of Security wallaround BN HQ Garrison Engineer
Udhampur Pin 900386c/o 56 APO
11/04/2014 01.75 cr.
2. CA NO:GE(P)CH/U-06/2012-13: Provision of soil testing of land for deficient OTM Accommodation EngrRegt (Phase-II) atUdhampur. Soil Testing of Land for deficient OTM Accomodation Engr Regt Garrison Engineer
(P) CH
Udhampur PIN- 900386C/O 56 APO
16/05/2014 15.00 cr.
3. CA NO. GE(AF)/BKT/Of 2014-15Soil Investigation AndTopographysical Survey For RunwayResurfacing AndSunscreen Shel Ters ForSix Air Crafts At AF Stn Bkt Soil investigation
Conducting soil investigation forfollowing:-
(a)150 mm dia meter bore holes asper IS specification up to 4m depth for each bore holes.
(b) No of bore holes =84 Nos, depth of each bore holes =4 meter.
(c) Collection of disturbed andundisturbed soil samples at interval of 0.30 meter or at change of strata or as per relevant IS code.
(d) Conduct standard penetration test (S.P.T) as per IS 2131-1988. The testing shall be made at every change in strata or at the intervals of not more than 0.3 meterwhichever is less. The test may be made atlesser intervals if specified or considerednecessary as per 3.31 of IS 2131-1988.
(e) Depth of water table if found in bore holes shall be reported to engineer –in-charge.
(f) A graphical lod shall be submitted alongwith report. The graphic log will include:-
(i ) Location.
(ii) Date performed.
(iii) Type of exploration.
(iv) Surface elevation.
(v) Depth of materials.
(vi) Sample identification numbers.
(vii) Classification.
(viii) Water level. 
Garrison Engineer (AF)Military EngineerService Pin-901109, C/o56 APO, Bakshi-Ka-Talab, Lucknow   15.00 cr.