Our Team


  Top leadership of each vertical comprising personnel having 15- 45 years of experience.
  Strong network of advisors and expert consultants for specific project requirements
  Engineers from IITs and NITs
  MBAs from IIMs
  Planners from SPA, CEPT

List Of Technical Professionals

Sr. No. Name Qualifications Experience
1. Mr. Ankit Agarwal B. Arch. 6 Years
2. Mr. Ankur Sharma                B.Arch,  M. Tech. (CPM) 7 Years
3. Mr. Gaurav Singhal B. Arch. 6 Years
4. Mr. Gaurav Chauhan B. Arch. 6 Years
5. Mr. T. Krishna Rao M. Arch. 4 Years
6. Ms. Raseena AK M. Arch. 5 Years
7. Mr. Ambrish Kumar singh B.Arch. 5 Years
Interior Architect
1. Mr. Manoj Kumar B. Arch. (Interior) 5 Years

Mr. Lalit Kumar Chugh

B. Arch. (Interior)

7 Years
Structure Engineer
1. Mr. Amit Kumar Singhal M.Tech (Structure) 3 Years
2. Mr. Vishnu JR M.Tech (Structure) 3 Years
Mechanical Engineer
1. Mr. Prashob KP B. Tech 2 Year
2. Mr. Piyush Gupta M. Tech (Mech.) 17 Year
3. Mr. Yogesh Kumar B.E., M. Tech  (Thermal) 8.5 Year
Electrical Engineer
1. Mr. Punit Varun B.Tech (Electrical) 7 Year
Environmental Engineer
1. Mr. Ram Anugarh Narayan B.Sc (Zoology Hons.), P.G. (Environment) 17 Years
Civil Engineer
1. Mr. A.P Agarwal                    B. Sc. (Civil) 40 Years
2. Mr. Patel Varun Harshadbhai B. Tech (Civil) 6 Years
3. Mr. Soni Viral kumar B. Tech (Civil) 6 Years
4. Mr. Shah Bimal Nayankumar B. Tech (Civil) 5.5 Years
Chemical Engineer
1. Mr. Hemant Singh B.sc (Chemical) 6  Years
Fire Fighting Engineer
1. Mr. Vinay Kumar Degree of Sub officer in fire 3  Years
Urban Planner
1. Mr. Bhavin P. Rathod B.E. (Civil), M.Tech (Infrastructure Planning) 5 Years
2. Mr. Faiz Muslim Shaikh B.Arch,  MPL ( Urban & Regional Planning) 4 Years
3. Mr. Harjeet Singh B. Tech (Urban & Regional Planning), M. Tech 2 Years
Transport Planner
1. Mr. Saurabh Shishpal Singh B.E. (Civil), M. Plan (T.P.) 2 Years
1. CS  Akshat Garg Company Secretaries 6 Years